November 29, 2014


Self – directed Learners

Students will be active and self–directed learners. Students will take initiative learning what they are interested in, set goals for themselves, act to achieve their goals, and actively look for solutions when encountering obstacles.

We expect students to be the masters of their lives who make decisions for themselves, are fully responsible for their actions, and have the courage to face every challenge in life.

Intrinsic Motivation

Students will be intrinsically motivated to learn. All learning will be initiated by the students because they are interested in or they find satisfaction in the learning process itself or they want to challenge themselves. When there are no external motivators such as rewards and punishment, they know clearly what they want to do. Students’ self-value is determined by their understanding of themselves, such as their own abilities and potential, instead of external recognition like grades and trophies.

Joy of Learning

Students will be able to enjoy learning and value the learning process instead of focusing solely on the results.

Responsible Members

Students will develop a sense of responsibility. Students will learn to be responsible for their own actions and decisions. Students will recognize themselves as part of the community and cooperate with other members. Students learn self-discipline and responsibility through making real choices and by participating in the process of governing the community.


In a community where guidance and assistance are only provided when the students need, which means there is no one else who actively and anxiously schedules for them, plans and makes decision for them, removes obstacles for them, students themselves are the ones who constantly learn from mistakes, and from trial and error. They will have a clear sense that they are fully responsible for their decisions and actions. Autonomy, personal responsibility, together with respect and acceptance, make a child resilient.

Understanding of Self 

Students will develop strong self-awareness, understanding their passions, their abilities, strengths and weaknesses, their emotions, and most importantly, who they really are.


Students will become empathetic individuals. Students will interact with people of all ages and respect that everyone is different. In an environment where students are respected and treated as equals, they will be more likely to be empathetic to others. We also expect the adults in this community to be empathetic role models.

Joyful and Passionate Life

We expect students to grow up leading a happy, meaningful, and passionate life. Students will discover their passions and find out what is meaningful to them.

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