My Daughter’s Self-directed Learning Path

Original article by YK, English translation by Sylvia Lee

YK, a Sudbury parent, shared his view about his 15-year-old daughter’s self-directed learning path.
“Ever since my daughter withdrew from mainstream schooling to pursue Self-Directed Learning, our family has learnt a lot, experienced a lot, evolved a lot together. However, friends and other family members are somewhat, understandingly, worried about her future out of well-meant concern. How will she ever get into university if she isn’t going to school now? What will she do for a living without going to university? Will she be able to make a living and support herself in the future?

We are not the least worried about all their concerns. Who says learning only happens in schools? Who says a person who can make a living to support oneself must have gone to universities?

Right now, she’s exploring many possibilities during her deschooling stage. To the untrained eyes, she might look like a “teenage bum” who is not doing much at all, completely lacking direction in life. Yet, the fact is, she’s growing up healthily, learning happily, and living her life fully. Everyday.

The new generation nowadays spends their time gaming, watching YouTube videos, Netflixing, surfing the net, or engrossed in things that interest them. These are learning as well. In actual fact, these are relevant, joyful learning. As parents, we shouldn’t restrict them (getting in the way of their joyful learning) but instead, we should guide them, encourage them, appreciate them, and accompany them in their evolution.

If my friends ask, “What does your daughter do these days? Is she following any curriculum?” (I get asked these questions every now and again) I would reply, “It’s not set in stone. She does what she feels motivated to do. Right now, she’s making her portrait sketch into NFT at times, and recording / uploading her performance of cover songs on YouTube at others. This is her most recent Cover. Please feel free to like, share, comment or subscribe, thank you for your support and encouragement!”