September 5, 2014

Support Us

We are a group of parents who are in the process of starting a Sudbury school in Hong Kong. You can help us in many ways:


  1. Join our group of founding members. Please contact for details.
  2. Volunteer. At this stage, we need help in the following areas:
    • IT
    • English and Chinese translation (writing)
    • Legal Advisor
    • Fundraising
    • Unschooling parents who can share their experiences
  3. Express your interest in becoming a staff when the school starts. If you love Sudbury ideas, have particular skills or knowledge of particular subjects, or simply feel that you want to join us as staff, please let us know!
  4. Express your interest in becoming a contract teacher. If you love Sudbury ideas and want to share your skills or knowledge, but cannot commit to be a staff member, you may become a contract teacher. That means you teach if children request a class in your area of expertise.
  5. Express your interest in enrolling your children in the school.
  6. Financial support: loan for start up or donation.
  7. Other donations: furniture, musical instruments, books, art materials, other facilities are all welcome.
  8. “Like” our facebook page:  Spread the word and refer to us if any help is available.


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