Finding Meaning in Learning

(by Michell. Original post in Chinese: 瑟谷自主學習(一):所有學習都富有意義) After unschooling my son for years and test running Sudbury this year, I am amazed by how children learn on their own. The way they learn is completely different from how I learned when I grew up. One of the big differences is that, whatever my son learns Read more about Finding Meaning in Learning[…]

How Long Will His Interest Last?

(by Michell Huang. Original post in Chinese: 他的興趣會維持多久?) My child is unschooled. This means that he learns about the things he is interested in, as well as learning from daily life. One of the most common questions about unschooling is, “How long will his interests last?” When my child was four years old, he suddenly Read more about How Long Will His Interest Last?[…]


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我孩子剛四歲時,突然對俄羅斯語言產生了強烈興趣。俄文在香港不實用,而且四歲的小孩,真的會想認真學俄文嗎?他這興趣會維持多久呢? […]